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Villa de Babat

Discover Tranquility in the Northern Paradise, Batanes


Deluxe Triple Room A

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Deluxe Double Room


Standard Twin Room


Deluxe Family Suite

Photo Gallery

Capturing Memories, Frame by Frame

Picture yourself in the storybook landscapes of Batanes through our Photo Gallery Service. Let the beauty of the island unfold before your eyes, enticing you and your friends to experience the unforgettable moments that await. With every snapshot, you'll be drawn into the allure of Batanes, creating lasting memories. Worried about your photography skills? Our skilled Ivatan tour guides are more than just guides; they're your personal photographers, ensuring every shot captures the essence of your journey.

Batanes Bed and Breakfast Inns and Hotels
Villa de Babat one of the best stay in Batanes. We stayed there 6 days. It's a super incredible place. Room was spacious and also bathroom. We will back there again soon. Dios Mamajes Villa de Babat.

- Jhoy M.

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305 Reyes Street, Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes, Ph 3900

0949 411 9303 (Smart)
0915 192 8276 (Globe)

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About Me.

Unveil the Wonders of Batanes!

Nestled closer to Taiwan than the Philippine mainland, the enchanting province of Batanes beckons with its one-of-a-kind culture and breathtaking beauty. Get ready to embark on a journey to Batanes, where every moment is a chance to witness, feel, and savor something truly extraordinary.

Your Journey: Services, Treasures, Nature, and People

Telephone: Stay in touch using mobile communication, which is the main option available here. While signal quality is generally good, there might be some fluctuations and interruptions at specific times and places.

Internet: While we're making strides, it's important to note that the internet service isn't fully robust yet in Batanes. Our two service providers are working on upgrading their systems, and certain parts of Batan Island enjoy decent connectivity during specific hours. Although you can access the internet at Villa de Babat, please be aware that the speed might not match what you're used to in other parts of the country. We're doing our best to keep you connected!
Payments: We currently accept cash payments, and when internet connectivity allows, bank transfers are an option. Basco has two ATM machines – located at LandBank and PNB – for your cash needs outside of regular banking hours. Unfortunately, credit and debit card payments are not available in Batanes at this time.

Getting Around: To reach Batanes, you can fly in with either Philippine Airlines or SkyJet Airlines. They both operate flights on the Manila-Basco route. Once here, you'll find public transportation options like jeepneys, tricycles, and hired SUVs/vans to explore Batan, Sabtang, and Itbayat islands.

Evening Enjoyment: Evening entertainment in Batanes is all about soaking in the stars and enjoying a leisurely drink. You'll find a couple of cozy karaoke bars in Basco, which usually close by 11:00 pm.

Language: The local language is Ivatan, with a unique dialect in Itbayat. But don't worry, most locals also speak Tagalog and English, so communication won't be a barrier.

Weather: While the weather is similar to the rest of the Philippines, Batanes has its own chilly season from December to February. Make sure to pack warm clothes as temperatures can drop to as low as ten degrees Celsius. Tropical storms and typhoons may pass through from June to October.

Fresh Food: Keep in mind that from July to November, fresh food availability might be limited.

Water: Water pressure might not meet standard levels due to limited resources. We kindly ask that you use water responsibly to help conserve this precious resource.

Recommended Stay: Depending on your interests, a four-day trip (three nights) will cover Batan and Sabtang islands, while adding Itbayat Island could be done in six days (five nights). For a truly immersive experience, a whole week will let you fully enjoy Batanes' stunning landscapes and tranquil vibes.

Discover Batanes: Immerse yourself in a world of unique culture and breathtaking nature. Explore Ivatan traditional villages, rolling hills, lush mountains, sandy beaches, stunning coastal roads, crystal-clear waters, and so much more. Batanes is waiting to captivate you.

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