About Us

A home away from home.

   Villa de Babat was formerly known as Babat Homestay. Recently renovated, it has evolved from a simple homestay to a bed-and-breakfast inn, consisting of seven air-conditioned rooms. Though we have opened for business already, some few small details of the renovation are still on going as we would like our guests to get the quality service, confort and convenience that they deserve.




   Our amenities include private shower rooms with hot and cold water, TV, min-bar with a microwave and a mini fridge.


   Villa de Babat has a roof deck where guests can enjoy a 360-degree view of the island and can hold dinner there if requested.


  Villa de Babat has a landscaped garden, a pool, putting green (mini golf), a swing for the kids  and a two-level kiosk where guests can hold dinner.

What's Free?


   From the moment you step out from the airport, we will take care of you. We offer free airport transfer and breakfast. Although we currently do not operate a regular restaurant, lunch, dinner, or snacks can be provided if requested beforehand.



Room Types


 Our recent renovation allows accommodation for different groups of people - individual, couple, family or by groups. Our rooms include a family suite, deluxe suite, standard and basic rooms. See Rooms & Rates for more information.   


Tour Packages


   Refer to our Tour Package page for accommodation+tour packages. The tours are handled by third parties who are licesed and accredited by the government as tour operators. 


Internet Connection


 Internet access or Wi-Fi connection is at the moment not available as  the current and lone service provider in Basco is yet to fix and upgrade their system. Hopefully, we can have the connectivity and access in every room in the later part of 2018 or early 2019 if and when the service is upgraded. 





Call or text us now to book:
     Smart:   0961 384 1584               Globe: 0927 9685 800
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